Dresses below RM20 and Skirts Below RM30!

Hi everyone, apologies that the new stash of stuff came a little later... I had a bit of trouble letting go of my things! Ah, attachment to dresses is quite the trouble. Anyway, all of these dresses and skirts were hardly ever worn... rest assured the condition is still great! Happy Shopping!

Secondhand Sistas
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Lolita Light Blue Pleated Skirt



Code: SK001
Purchased from Melbourne, Australia
High quality material
I've actually never worn this, probably because I couldn't fit in it shortly after.
However, I've tried it on a few times just privately in my closet so I don't think it qualifies to be brand new. Hehe.
Size: Small, UK8
Material: Heavy Cotton
Condition: Loved Once
Price: RM25

Dark Metal Work Dress



Details of Cloth and Stitching

Code: DR002
Stretchable on the chest
Nice cutting, suitable for all body shapes
If for the office, looks good with cropped cardigan or a suit jacket
Size: M or UK 8 to 10
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM15

Japanese Flirty and Feminine Skirt



Code: SK002
Japanese style
Very high quality fine cotton
Comes with lining to prevent visible panty lines!
I would wear this when I had too much to eat or just feel bloated.. I would feel feminine in it!
Size: M to L
Material: Fine (japanese?) cotton
Condition: Adored
Price: RM15

Suit Dress for Work or for Fun!


Code: DR003
Good quality dress with excellent stitching
Comes with pocket on the sides
Perfect for mornings when you don't know what to wear to work!
Size: Small, UK8
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM19

 Washed Denim Tube Dress

Code: DR004
There are no limits with this dress - put on some colours either with bright coral lips or just a nice bright necklace, and you're ready to head out!
Stitching is good
Looks great with a belt on the waist
Size: Small, UK8
Condition: Adored
Price: RM19

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A little bit about Secondhand Sistas

Dear shopaholics, bargain hunters and sisters in fashion,

Thank you so much for dropping by.

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To get the serious stuff out of the way, Secondhand Sistas is Malaysia-based, raised but we have traveled to many parts around the world to collect interesting pieces that can soon be yours. Some items were purchased on impulse and unused, so watch out for those. We ship internationally and within Malaysia -- postage rates will be quoted upon receiving your mailing address! Start picking out the value buys! :)

And here's the story behind Secondhand Sistas!

Fashion (or just shopping and bargain hunting) is oh-so-tempting, and even though we've made some really good value-based investing in classics... we are running out of space in our closet. Also we will be moving out to a smaller apartment, we need to make sure that our prized collection does not end up being clutter (or risk being called a hoarder! Oh wait...).

That's why these items are for you to adopt at a fraction of the price!

And if you don't believe it, check out the state of the walk-in-wardrobe! Not to mention, this has already been cleaned out THREE times. There are at least a few more bags of things lying around somewhere... And if there's anything interesting, we'll surely post it here.

We were contemplating as to whether we should post up these pictures of the over-cluttered wardrobe, but isn't this screaming "EMERGENCY" to everyone? 

Whatever your budget is, there will be something for you.

We're not trying to profit from all of this, so if you really like something ...just shoot us an e-mail and we'll try our best to accommodate. And even if you're here just for a good read or just stumbled across our website... please continue reading and join us on our journey in downsizing a wardrobe :) 

Thank you, ladies!
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Secondhand Sister

Oroton Branded Sunglasses (AC003)

Code: AC003
Oroton branded sunglasses with lightly tinted lenses
Size: Suits up to medium sized faces
Material: Plastic
Condition: Love Always
Price: RM72

Still in very good condition, everything is in one piece.

 Nose pads are clean and untainted

Feel free to enlarge picture to see the clarity of lens

Faux Pearl Double Tier Necklace (AC002)

Code: AC002
Faux pearl double tier necklace
Size: Free
Material: Plastic and stainless steel
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM12

Red Peonies Strappy Halter Neck Top (BL003)

Code: BL003
Strappy halter neck top with red peony prints.
Perfect for Chinese New Year, or just for a tinge of Oriental.
Size: Medium, UK8 to UK10
Material: Cotton
Source: Tangs, Singapore
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM28

Back of the top. Modest, but sexy enough to show off your wings.

 Details of the stitching

Singaporean brand and size.
It can suit a Small too, but not petite.

Topshop Moto Dark Denim Slim cut Jeans Size 26 (PA001)

Code: PA001
Topshop Moto Dark Denim Slim cut Jeans
Low to mid-waist fit.
Size: Waist 26 inches, Length 32 inches
Material: Denim
Condition: Adored
Price: RM78

Details of the stitching and colour

I am normally a size 28, but I can fit into these jeans

Excellent condition, washed 2x

Avant Garde Mustard Yellow Satin Top (BL002)

Code: BL002
Avant Garde Mustard Yellow Satin Top
Size: Free
Material: Cotton Sateen with metal wires to create the avant-garde "look"
Condition: Loved Once
Price: RM40

Accentuate your chest, not your waist

Tailored to perfection, this mustard yellow top can be straightened out to look elegant or create more drama and ruffles by twisting the wires.

Back of the garment

Details of stitching

Paul and Joe Handbag with Spring detail (HB002)

Code: HB002
Paul and Joe Handbag with cloth and metal details
Size: Clutch for evening, or lightweight day handbag
Material: Polyester and Metal
Condition: Adored
Price: RM82

Dual wear Black and Gold Elegant Necklace or Bracelet (AC001)

Code: AC001
Necklace or Bracelet (coiled twice) in black and gold details
Size: Short necklace
Material: Ribbon and metal
Condition: Loved Once
Price: RM22

French Connection FCUK Party Top (BL001)

Code: BL001
French Connection FCUK Party Top with Gold details
Size: Small, UK8
Material: Cotton
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM35

Old English Floral Cross Back Dress (DR001)

Code: DR001
Cross back dress with blue and purple old english rose prints. 
Comes with pocks on the side and cotton lining.
Size: Small, UK8
Material: Cotton
Condition: Loved Once
Price: RM32

Back portion of the dress

Comes with cotton lining

Instructions for wash

Sisley's Camden Blue Faux Leather Sling Bag (HB001)

Code: HB001
Faux Leather Sling Bag in Camden Blue
Please note that at the top of the insides of the bag, there is some peeling.
This is probably due to the humidity in my wardrobe.
It does NOT affect the look of the entire bag at all.
Size: approximately 25cm width
Material: PVC
Condition: Love Always
Price: RM48

Peeling is observed at top of inner parts of the bag

A bit more peeling, but can be cleaned up

Can be used as a hand held bag/clutch as well

Straps and buckles look new